Football pitch sizes change with different age groups and game types.

In this guide we covers 5v5, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 player formats, with a  break down of key dimensions of football pitches over different age groups – to help grounds staff of schools and clubs of all levels.


5-a-side dimensions summary

Pitch length40 yds (36.6m)
Pitch width30 yds (27.4m)
Penalty spot distance6.5 yds (6m)
Centre circle (radius)3 yds (2.75m)

5-a-side football pitch dimensions and markings

Based on The FA’s guidance, 5v5 football pitches should measure 40 yards (36.6m) in length by 30 yards (27.4m) wide, maintaining the traditional rectangular shape of a full-sized pitch.

A major element which makes 5v5 unique is the pitch markings, particularly the curved penalty area, which is not used in other forms of the game. The edge of the penalty area must be 6.5 yards (6m) from the centre of the goal. This is where the penalty spot is located.

A halfway line should be drawn across the width of the pitch. Centre circles are optional for 5v5 pitches, but if included, it should have a radius of 3 yards (2.75m).

7-a-side dimensions summary

Pitch length60 yds (54.9m)
Pitch width40 yds (36.6m)
Penalty area length18 yds (16.5m)
Penalty area width10 yds (9.1m)
Penalty spot distance8 yds (7.3m)
Centre circle (radius)6 yds (5.5m)

7-a-side football pitch dimensions and markings

7v7 pitches are typically for players aged 9–10years old. Due to the increased number of players, the pitch is larger than 5v5 and more closely resembles a full-sized pitch. A regulation 7v7 pitch should measure 60 yards (54.9m) by 40 yards (36.6m).

This level is the first to include rectangular penalty areas. These should measure 18 yards (16.5m) x 10 yards (9.1m). Penalty spots should be positioned 8 yards (7.3m) from the centre of the goals. The “D” at the edge of the penalty box is optional at this level, as is a centre circle. If it is included, the centre circle should have a radius of 6 yards (5.5m).

9-a-side dimensions summary

Pitch length

80 yds (73.2m)

Pitch width

50 yds (45.7m)

Penalty area length

13 yds (11.88m)

Penalty area width

32 yds (29.26m)

Penalty spot distance

9 yds (8.2m)

Goal area length

4 yds (3.65m)

Goal area width

14 yds (12.80m)

Centre circle (radius)

7 yds (6.4m)

Corner quadrants

1 yd (0.9m)

9-a-side football pitch dimensions and markings

The recommended pitch size for U11 and U12 Youth teams is 9v9, which should measure 80 yards (73.2m) by 50 yards (45.7m). In terms of line markings, 9v9 is the same as 11v11 – just smaller. Corner segments and the goal area, colloquially known as the ‘6-yard box’, begin being included at this pitch size. In this format, the penalty spot should be marked 9 yards (8.2m) from the centre of each goal. Corner quadrants should have a diameter of 1yd (0.9m) and the new goal area (measuring 14 yards (12.80m) x 4 yards (3.65m)) should be positioned inside the penalty area (13 yards (11.88m) by 32 yards (29.26m)).

11-a-side PROFESSional dimensions



90 yds (82.3m)

55 yds (50.3m)



100 yds (91.4m)

60 yds (54.9m)


U17/U18 & Senior

110 yds (100.6m)

70 yds (64.0m)

11-a-side Professional football pitch dimensions and markings

From U13 Youth up to the professional level, The FA recommends 11v11 football. However, because of this wide range of age groups, determining the dimensions of an 11v11 pitch can be difficult as the length and width of the pitch can vary greatly.

As shown in the table below, the recommended size of an 11v11 field can range from 90-110 yards (82.3m-100.6m) in length and 55-70 yards (50.3m-64.0m) wide.

Despite the flexibility in length and width options, there are some dimensions that remain constant on all 11v11 pitches:

  • Penalty spot (from the goal line): 12 yards (11m)
  • Goal area length: 6 yards (5.5m)
  • Penalty area length: 18 yards (16.5m)
  • Centre circle radius: 10 yards (9.15m)
  • Corner quadrants: 1 yard (0.9m)